5 Ways to Survive the Summer Heat

How to Survive the Australian Summer

The Australian summer has been characterised by extreme heat in recent years, with climate scientists explaining that temperatures are set to increase by one per cent year on year. Living in Australia, it makes sense to come up with ways of coping in the summer heat. Here are our best ways to survive the Australian summer – from linen sheets to pedestal fans, you can find the methods that work best for you. If all else fails, just move to Scandinavia. They have better governments, and better weather!


Linen Sheets

When you buy linen sheets in Australia, you are investing not only in a beautiful homeware addition, but a fabric that naturally moderates heat and temperature. By adding linen sheets to your bedspread, you can sleep cooler in the summer, all within the comfort of sheets with cooling properties! When wouldn’t you invest in a set?


Buy a Pedestal Fan

Buy a pedestal fan but get in early, because come summertime, these are sold out everywhere! You could try ordering one online, as this is a cheap way of staying cool. If you’ve got some extra storage, you can easily buy pedestal fans from department stores in the winter and bust it out once the daily temperature starts climbing.


Invest in Shutters or Blinds

By investing in shutters or blinds, you can quite literally shut the heat out of your home in the summer. Another way of doing this is by investing in some solid insulation, but this takes a little more commitment and can be expensive depending on the existing way that your house is built.


Keep Your Fluids Up

When you’re sweating it out in the heat (your body’s natural cooling system), you need to keep drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy. There are a few great ways you can remind yourself to drink water – some people set reminders in their phone. Other people take a permanent marker to a litre-sized drink bottle. Personally, I keep a tally of the amount of glasses I’ve had in a day – this is especially effective while I’m working at my desk.


Go to the Beach (As Much As Possible!)

Summer equals beach! In Australia, there are so many beaches to choose from regardless of the state or territory you live in (or are visiting). You can go for a swim in the morning and see the sunrise, or you’ve got a few hours after work to make it to the beach because of daylight savings. In the spring the water takes a while to heat up, so don’t expect it to be warm water right away! There’s nothing like a refreshing dip to stay cool in the summer.


With these tips, you can stay healthy, happy and enjoy all that the Australian summer has to offer! Australians typically live a relaxed lifestyle under the summer sun, and braving the heat is all a part of it. It’s best to take care of yourself and embrace the wonder of going “oh, it’s going to be 35 degrees again today?”.