Top Four Places to Live on the Sunshine Coast

There’s no denying that the Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place to be. However you look at it, the location is stunning, the weather fantastic, the community is friendly, and it has great amenities. However, not all Sunshine Coast suburbs are made equal, and some are superior by far, be it amenities or price-wise. Curious to find out which? Keep reading to find out what our top picks are!

Sippy Downs

Sippy Downs or “the knowledge hub” as it’s commonly known amongst its neighbours and residents is the place for growth and learning. The reason behind this is that it provides high-quality education, across all levels, from primary school to university. 

Here, you’ll also be able to enjoy fun activities such as skateboarding, golfing and visit the Moolah River National Park whenever you want to. So, people from all sorts of backgrounds and different lifestyles choose to call Sippy Downs their home.

Not to mention, the price of real estate remains affordable to most, even though this is already an established community. So, house and land packages in Sippy Downs are still within reach of most working-class, despite being in such a desirable area.


Moving into an up-and-coming community such as Palmview, you have the opportunity to buy a home at a much more accessible price. This is somewhat unexpected, consider Palmview is one of the best places to live on the Sunshine Coast

Palmview is one of the most family-friendly areas in NSW, and Australia in general. It’s within driving distance of great schools in Sippy Downs, but it also offers plenty of fun activities and play areas. Additionally, you’ll be closeby to Mooloolaba Beach and Brisbane, and you can visit them if you grow weary.


Buddina is an exceptionally lively and vibrant suburb that sits on the Pacific Ocean. So, you can walk along the Coastal Pathway, while enjoying gorgeous views and a fun atmosphere overall. Buddina also places you close to the Kawana Shoppingworld, so you never have to leave for shopping or entertainment. 

The suburb is perfect for young families with children, as parents can quickly walk their kids to school. Not to mention, thanks to the scenic views and existing community, it’s perfect for those looking to switch to a more carefree lifestyle.

Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs is the perfect place for those who put a premium on natural spaces and their preservation. It’s home to plenty of lush parks, environmental initiatives, and has its own rainwater-powered irrigation system. 

The suburb is also within driving distance of plenty of great schools, and entertainment options. Perhaps the greatest thing about Peregian Springs is that it’s still somewhat of an undiscovered gem, and provides plenty of affordable housing. 

So, it’s perfect for families, working professionals, retirees, as well as people who enjoy clean air and preserved nature.

Final Thoughts

These Sunshine Coast communities exist a bit off the beaten track, which puts them in a unique position of being both desirable and affordable. If you had any questions about where (or whether) to live on the Sunshine Coast, we hope we’ve helped you make the best decision.

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Home

We all need a roof above our heads. That’s why we always aspire to have a home we can live in – be it rented or owned. At some point, we will need to decide on making that big purchase. If you need help in making the decision, we’ve laid out the different pros and cons of buying your own house.



  • An excellent long-term investment. The value of land goes up because it is a finite resource. Even if the structure you built will depreciate, land doesn’t. It becomes valuable over time. When you buy a house and lot, you’re getting an asset for yourself. Just make sure you have the best residential buyers agent to help you with the purchase.
  • You can build Equity is the difference between what you can sell your property for versus what you owe. As you pay off your mortgage, your equity grows.
  • Sense of ownership. Since you own the property, you have all the control over what to do with it. You can renovate it, change the paint color – you are your boss—no need to ask permission from any property management office.
  • Stable monthly payments. Buying a home means having a fixed-rate mortgage, which means you will pay the same amount until you complete the payment. On the other hand, the rate of rent fluctuates. It can increase whenever the owner wants it to. It would be wise to rethink investing in things on a rented property.
  • Stability. Buying a home shows strength. You will be paying for it for a long time. This means that you are already confident that you can pay for it for the years to come when you make this decision.



  • High upfront costs. You’ll need to pay an upfront cost of 2% to 5% of the purchase price when you get a mortgage. This can be quite an amount since it includes different fees, property taxes, mortgage insurance, home inspection title search, and so much more.
  • Less mobility. As stability is considered one of the pros of buying a house, this would also mean less mobility. It can be disadvantageous during instances when you need to move. For example, there’s this great job in a different location. It’s not as easy to transfer any more.
  • Maintenance cost. When something is broken in your house, you will be the one to handle the maintenance. Unlike renting, the property owner or the property management can take care of it (depending on what is stipulated in your rental contract).
  • Property values can fall. While your land value appreciates over time, the building can doesn’t. Your building can depreciate over time if it is not maintained correctly.
  • Illiquidity. Compared to other assets like stocks, houses don’t sell quickly. It can take time, and you’ll have to continue paying the mortgage loans while waiting for it to be sold.


Choosing a home over a rented place is a big decision. It’s a decision that will affect you much financially for the years or even decades to come. So, you have to weigh your choices carefully. Think about where you are now in your life and whether owning a home can bring you more good than bad.

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